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Education Insight

Education Insight is a monthly radio show and podcast that tells the story of education in the Inland Empire through the diverse voices of those in and around the regional education community. The show is produced by Growing Inland Achievement in partnership with 91.9 KVCR FM. Hosted by 30-year broadcast veteran Lacey Kendall, we explore topics ranging from education challenges and shortcomings to innovations and groundbreaking ideas that are driving student success.

New episodes air for the first Saturday of each month at 7:00 PM, and the following Monday at 3:00 PM.


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On Our Latest Episode

Over the past year and a half, millions of parents have learned just how hard it is to be a teacher as they’ve overseen their children’s at home and online learning. As a result, parents are more engaged with their child’s education than before the pandemic. But most parents still have some questions they need answered, and teachers and administrators have a number of things they wish parents knew. This week we’re digging deep to find those answers.

Featured guests include:

Renae Ramsey, Coordinator for Leadership, Innovation, and Outreach • Division of Educational Services, Riverside County Office of Education, and Megan Silva, Principal, Kendall-Harmon Elementary School

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Supporting Adult Learner Needs.


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Lacey A. Kendall has been a Southern California Broadcaster since 1980 and brings over 30,000 hours of on-air experience as a reporter/commentator for NBC News Radio and CNN Radio. She has also served as a producer or announcer for projects including McDonald’s, Northrop, Walt Disney Studios, and George Bush for President. In the Inland Empire, Kendall is best known for her work on the syndicated “My Awesome Empire” program and her weekend broadcasts on 96.7 KCAL Rocks!

You can stream our show on various platforms including Spotify, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and much more!

Education Insight is made possible through partnerships and support from: The College Futures Foundation, 91.9 KVCR FM, and California State University, San Bernardino. 

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