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#CaliforniansForAll College Corps

The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps is a new program to help students pay for college, uniting students of different background from across California with a common purpose.

The #CaliforniansForAll College Corps is a college service program led by California Volunteers, Office of the Governor to create debt-free pathways for low-income students who commit to serve for an academic year. Up to 6,500 students will receive up to $10,000 to help pay for college, including a stipend and a scholarship. Participants will help communities tackle critical issues focused on climate action, k-12 education, and COVID-19 recovery.

Six campuses from the Inland Empire were selected to participate this year including:


GIA has agreed to serve as the consortium facilitator for the six Inland Empire colleges and is written into each proposal for a total of $330,000 to hire a coordinator and provide support and coordination across the region. We estimate that 500 students will participate across the six regional institutions.

GIA will serve in its facilitator role in the following ways:  

  • Recruitment: GIA will serve as the primary point of contact and recruitment so that host partners will not be approached by multiple institutions. GIA will provide advertisements and outreach to students and the broader community regarding the opportunity. 
  • Training:  GIA will provide training and ongoing professional development for host partners so that training is standardized across the region. Additionally, GIA will support leadership training for the Fellows. 
  • Planning and Development: GIA will serve as the facilitator providing guidance to each college in developing an implementation plan, including performance measures and data collection that works for each college and includes community-level data.  
  • Evaluation: GIA will work with colleges to standardize student outcomes and data collection; colleges will collect the data, and GIA will provide analysis and reporting. 
  • Convenings:  
    • GIA will coordinate quarterly convenings for colleges to share successes and challenges and determine regional best practices. 
    • GIA will coordinate one large annual convening for the Fellows to gather collectively and within their separate categories of service to share experiences, hear from national experts and share their work with the broader community.  In addition, GIA’s communications department will coordinate with college communications and the California Volunteers Marketing and Outreach departments to attract media presence and coverage.


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