Inland Empire Enrollment Insights

As the pandemic impacts student enrollment for the second year in a row, we seek to understand the current situation across education segments and plan for what lies ahead. We encourage you to listen to the prerecorded sessions below which include:

  • Honest conversations about enrollment challenges and opportunities across education segments
  • Insights on current Inland Empire teen perceptions of a college degree
  • Considerations for the long-term future of postsecondary enrollment and institutional capacity in the region

Part I.

Enrollment in this Moment: Truth and Insight Across Education Segments

These candid conversations look at the current enrollment challenges facing the K-12, community college, and four-year segments. Through transparent discussions and knowledge sharing, we will gain a better understanding of the regional enrollment landscape.  

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Part II.

Teens and College: Inland Empire Student Perceptions, Plans, and Obstacles

Is college still valuable in the eyes of Inland Empire teens? An innovative “multimodal cognitive method” study provides insights on teen student perceptions of the value of college today and their knowledge of colleges, majors, and information resources. The study includes surprising insights and opportunities for positive small and large-scale impacts. 

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Part III.

Looking Ahead: Postsecondary Capacity and Demand

As we navigate current enrollment challenges in the wake of the global pandemic, it’s important not to lose sight of what postsecondary enrollment might look like 10-15 years down the road, resulting from the substantial student success investments and reforms at each educational segment. If enrollment demand rebounds, what could that mean for postsecondary capacity in the region? The GIA research team built a simulation tool to help us understand and prepare for potential increases in demand over time. 

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Culminating Conversation

Participants from all of the Enrollment Insights Week conversations come together to discuss and debrief on what was shared and consider next steps.

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