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Toward a Shared Vision 2022: The Power of Together

GIA’s annual signature events, Toward a Shared Vision and Guided Pathways Summit are being combined into one event that will take place on October 25-26, 2022.  The regional summit will unite Inland Empire community leaders from education, business, government, and nonprofit sectors who share a vision for increasing equitable educational attainment, adding more qualified people to the workforce, and building a thriving regional economy. Event participants will work together in sessions and workshops, and during dedicated team planning time, to discuss collaborative solutions that will drive student success and regional transformation.

“Our ability to work together is what accelerates real transformational change. It begins with increasing educational attainment through an efficient, high-quality education system with a specific emphasis on accelerating success for historically marginalized groups. This, in turn, fuels a robust Inland Empire economy and creates wealth and prosperity for all residents of the region.”

Dr. Carlos Ayala

President & CEO, Growing Inland Achievement

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