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Growing Inland Achievement (GIA) is a regional K-16 collaborative working to achieve educational and economic equity in the Inland Empire. GIA staff support this work by engaging a cross-sector network of education, government, nonprofit, and business institutions in the Inland Empire, working towards a shared vision of educational and economic success. GIA’s vision is that by 2035, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties will be widely recognized for their educated workforce, thriving communities, and vibrant economy that creates prosperity for all. Everyone who lives, works, studies, and conducts business in the Inland Empire plays a critical role in achieving GIA’s vision. Thank you for your collaboration and support.

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Weekly GIA Education Report

Weekly GIA Education Report

The GIA Education Report The GIA Education Report with Alyssa Silva is your go-to source for a quick and comprehensive weekly update on the latest in education. In this 3.5...

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Equity in Policy Summit Recap

Equity in Policy Summit Recap

GIA is excited to share a recap of our Equity in Policy Summit, which we recently hosted in collaboration with Student-Ready Strategies (SRS). The summit, which took...

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Increase educational attainment, with specific emphasis on accelerating success for historically marginalized student groups.

Foster an efficient, high-quality education system that creates equitable access for all students.

Build equitable structures in education to eradicate systemic racism.

Fuel a robust future economy that increases equitable career opportunities and employment.

Eliminate the chasms in wealth, income, and poverty rate which disproportionately affect people of color.

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