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In this session, Dr. Shaun Harper shares practical tips and tools for achieving equity in education.

Keynote Speaker: Provost Professor of Management and Organization; Clifford and Betty Allen Chair in Urban Leadership; USC Race and Equity Center Executive Director.

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00:38:51 Gregory Anderson: Good afternoon from Riverside City College!
00:39:49 Jacquelyn Miller-Temecula Valley Unified: Hello from Temecula Valley Unified 🙂
00:42:11 Carlos Ayala: Welcome RCC.
00:42:22 Carlos Ayala: Welcome Temecula Valley.
00:45:07 Carlos Ayala: Pidgeon Hole?
00:45:53 Ann Marie Sakrekoff: I’ll add it in the chat
00:46:04 Cynthia Glover Woods: Thank you.
00:46:53 Dr. Shaun Harper (he/him):
00:47:18 Dr. Shaun Harper (he/him):
00:48:38 Ann Marie Sakrekoff: To ask questions of Dr. Harper, please go to
01:00:05 Fátima (she/her/ella): Will this recording be available for us to share? I have an entire team of staff who needs to hear this from Dr. Harper.
01:00:34 Yvette Hayes: ^^^
01:00:56 Carlos Ayala: Yes Fatima. It will be on our website.
01:01:22 Fátima (she/her/ella): Thank you 🙏🏽
01:01:48 Woods, Kristi: The charge is so important, though!!!
01:03:06 Minerva Flores: And the equity plans submitted are not focused on changing institutional or practitioner practices. And it always has race neutral language
01:03:24 Yvette Hayes: ^^^ that part
01:06:50 Carlos Ayala: To ask questions of Dr. Harper, please go to
01:13:21 Jacquelyn Miller-Temecula Valley Unified: I printed this report this morning!
01:13:36 Carlos Ayala: Very important document. Great ideas and focus areas.
01:20:12 Carlos Ayala: The community colleges are currently working on their equity plans.
01:23:53 Dr. Shaun Harper (he/him):
01:32:15 Ann Marie Sakrekoff: To ask questions of Dr. Harper, please go to
01:40:35 Ann Marie Sakrekoff: MESCal (Math Equity in Southern California)
02:03:17 Jackie Melendez: Excellent question, Carlos! IEGO is excited to partner with GIA on this critical regional effort.
02:03:59 Jacquelyn Miller-Temecula Valley Unified: Mr. Ayala, please keep me informed on the “Teach Me The Truth” campaign. GIA is a valuable resource for me. Thank you.
02:07:13 Carlos Ayala:
02:08:02 Jacquelyn Miller-Temecula Valley Unified: I have registered for this meeting.
02:08:18 Carlos Ayala: Great Jacquelyn. See you there.
02:08:21 Ann Marie Sakrekoff: Please help us to continue great content by taking our survey:
02:08:35 Carlos Ayala: We want Temecula to be fully engaged in this work.
02:09:27 Jacquelyn Miller-Temecula Valley Unified: So do I. I am trying…..
02:10:15 Carlos Ayala: Please connect with me directly. [email protected] I want to follow up with you directly.
02:11:19 Dr. Shaun Harper (he/him):
02:12:34 Jacquelyn Miller-Temecula Valley Unified: Carlos, will do.
02:12:49 Jacquelyn Miller-Temecula Valley Unified: YES!!!
02:14:35 Ann Marie Sakrekoff: Please help us to continue great content by taking our survey:
02:15:32 Dr. Shaun Harper (he/him):
02:17:56 Jacquelyn Miller-Temecula Valley Unified: Thank you!!

Building Better from Disruption is a virtual series designed to build upon lessons learned from districts’ responses to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on schools and school systems.  This series is designed to provide education partners, particularly administrators and teacher leaders working at the school site level, with best practices and resources that support students’ successful return to in-person instruction.  This five-part virtual series will focus on the essential areas of social-emotional learning, accelerated learning, and community partnerships.  During each session, participants will have the opportunity to learn, connect, and interact with expert practitioners and session participants. Support for Building Better from Disruption provided by the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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