Growing Inland Achievement (GIA) is pleased to announce a $25,000 grant from Bank of America to support its campaign to reconnect Inland Empire adults with postsecondary education opportunities.

With ongoing support from Bank of America, which began in 2018, GIA has prioritized the Inland Empire adult learner population through its Returning Adult Action Network Team (RE ANT), focusing on research, sharing regional successes, and piloting returning adult support initiatives.

The program reaches out to adults by messaging them about degree or credential completion opportunities and providing the necessary resources for prospective students to return.

“We are incredibly grateful to Bank of America for their continued support,” said Ashish Vaidya, President & CEO of GIA. “This continued partnership will enable us to further expand GIA’s returning adult education initiatives and significantly impact the community, particularly in the areas of educational access and equity.”

“Helping adults with no degree or credential return to school to achieve their educational goals can significantly impact their economic security and prosperity,” said Ida Hermosillo, Director of Network Engagement at GIA. “Sometimes prospective students just need a little guidance and a reminder that returning to school is achievable. We appreciate Bank of America’s ongoing partnership to help us facilitate those connections.”

“One of the biggest challenges to the economic future of the Inland Empire continues to be the education gap, as employers and the growing jobs sector struggle to hire workers with necessary skills and educational background. That is why the work of Growing Inland Achievement is so critical right now,” said Bansree Parikh, Bank of America Inland Empire president. “GIA is an important partner in our focus on workforce development.”   

About Growing Inland Achievement (GIA)
Growing Inland Achievement is a regional K-16 collaborative organization focused on improving educational and economic outcomes in the Inland Empire. Through collaboration with various regional stakeholders, GIA aims to create a thriving community where all residents can access quality education and economic opportunities.

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