GIA is excited to share a recap of our Equity in Policy Summit, which we recently hosted in collaboration with Student-Ready Strategies (SRS). The summit, which took place on May 9, 2024, at the Riverside Convention Center, focused on the role institutional policy has in shaping equitable student experiences and outcomes.

Attendees delved into strategies for reviewing and reforming policy frameworks to better align with equity goals. These discussions provided a platform to explore innovative approaches and identify areas for improvement within existing policies. The discussions also emphasized the need for diverse stakeholders and voices in the policy development process to ensure that policies are inclusive and reflective of the community’s needs.

Finally, participants learned about effective routines and strategies from model institutions that can be adopted to enhance policy effectiveness. These insights offered practical tools and approaches for attendees to implement within their own organizations.

We are eager to see the positive outcomes that will stem from this incredible event. To learn more about the summit and access additional resources, including summit photos, click the button below.

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