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The tool is designed to support educational institutions in examining their current organizational cultures and structures.

Growing Inland Achievement’s regional Equity Action Network Team (ANT) recently published a new Equity Continuum tool available for educational institutions and organizations to download now. The Equity Continuum is a formative assessment framework that fosters reflection on the experiences of key parties in the education system – students, faculty, staff, administration, and the overall organization. These experiences are considered on several dimensions including, communication efforts, institutional policy, culture, and physical spaces.

GIA believes widespread adoption and feedback will help improve the Equity Continuum while providing users the ability to assess, strengthen, and implement equity strategies over time. “This tool will continue to improve as we harness the collective intelligence of the communities that put it to use,” said Dr. Carlos Ayala, President & CEO at GIA. “Imagine after ten iterations—even 100—how many institutional equity dimensions and corresponding equity improvement steps can be discovered, designed, and developed. This is very exciting.”

Several local organizations have already committed to beta testing the tool. GIA hopes that many more will be early adopters and share insights on what they learn in the process.

Growing Inland Achievement (GIA) is a regional, collective impact organization that works to achieve educational and economic equity in the Inland Empire. GIA accomplishes this by serving as a collective impact (backbone) organization that supports a cross-sector network of education, government, nonprofit, and business institutions in the Inland Empire, all collectively working towards a shared vision of educational and economic success. GIA researches issues and opportunities, resources innovations and solutions, and connects diverse stakeholders across the two-county region of the Inland Empire. Learn more at

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