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Season 2. Episode 1.

Our hosts Alyssa and Alysha sit down with Adrian Hermosillo, who recently finished his masters in higher education Administration and Policy. Adrian shares his experience of suddenly being diagnosed with congenital glaucoma in high school and having to navigate life and college. Adrian’s story allows for a unique perspective to discuss advice for students with disabilities, along with ways society and colleges can be more inclusive and supportive.

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Education Chat tells the stories of students in the Inland Empire by cultivating meaningful discussions about lived experiences, successes, and opportunities for growth. Join GIA Interns Alysha Paulino and Alyssa Silva as they engage in candid conversations with students throughout the region. The show is produced by Growing Inland Achievement, a collective impact organization in the Inland Empire with a mission to increase economic prosperity in the region by increasing educational attainment. 

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