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In this session, educators engage in educational equity work by taking a deep dive into concepts that support the development of an authentic commitment to redefining student success with an equity lens. Participants learn how to move from theory to practice through utilizing numerous tools for practical application and facilitation of equity work. Content focuses on mindsets and beliefs while creating a parallel between adaptive and technical work in the school system to interrupt inequitable practices and close equity gaps for marginalized student groups. Topics and outcomes include:

  • Develop common language, define equity, diversity, and inclusion to guide facilitation of conversations and the work
  • Develop an understanding of research around the 4 indicators of equity to address instructional practices and academic achievement
  • Develop an understanding of collecting, analyzing, and monitoring qualitative and quantitative data to drive equity work in the classroom
  • Recognize and respond to the barriers to equity and cultural proficiency (i.e. history of public education, implicit bias, stereotypes, and institutional racism)
  • Reflect on the role of educators in perpetuating or ending educational gaps
  • Understand a system’s approach to interrupting patterns of inequities within the school system

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Nicole Anderson, Founder and CEO of Nicole Anderson and Associates Consulting LLC

Building Better from Disruption is a virtual series designed to build upon lessons learned from districts’ responses to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on schools and school systems.  This series is designed to provide education partners, particularly administrators and teacher leaders working at the school site level, with best practices and resources that support students’ successful return to in-person instruction.  This five-part virtual series will focus on the essential areas of social-emotional learning, accelerated learning, and community partnerships.  During each session, participants will have the opportunity to learn, connect, and interact with expert practitioners and session participants. Support for Building Better from Disruption provided by the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation.

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