UC Riverside, the Lead Education Agency for the Inland Empire K-16 Education Collaborative, recently announced that the Inland Empire region will receive $18 million to address equity gaps and improve education-to-career pipelines.

“The Regional K-16 collaborative program, administered by the Department of General Services, Office of Public School Construction, and Foundation for California Community Colleges, is intended to build on or create collaboration among the University of California system, the California State University system, community colleges, K-12 school districts, and workforce partners so that students have clear career pathways that begin in elementary school,” according to to the UCR announcement. “Once the grant funds are received, a steering committee of regional partners will ensure funds are equitably disbursed across San Bernardino and Riverside counties, including in remote areas.”

“We want to thank all of the Inland Empire partners who have been working diligently on the application since early this year,” said Dr. Carlos Ayala, President & CEO of Growing Inland Achievement. “This grant aligns directly with our shared vision to increase equitable educational attainment in the region and will accelerate network efforts to improve education-to-career pipelines for our students.”

GIA maintains a webpage with Inland Empire K-16 Collaborative Grant information and updates, available at: https://inlandempiregia.org/k-16-education-collaborative/

For additional information, please contact Ann Marie Sakrekoff at [email protected].

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