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00:01:07 Becky Sumbera: Good Morning Everyone!
00:02:49 Sorrel Stielstra: Good morning IE !
00:03:51 Michael Wangler: 
00:04:11 Michael Wangler: 
00:06:37 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Todd Scott. Is VP of Instruction at Victor Valley College. He is listed incorrectly on your list.
00:08:30 Michael Wangler: Thank you, Lisa. We will make that correction.
00:09:08 Becky Sumbera: Thank you! It is a great collaborative! Special thanks to Beth and Michael for their hard work.
00:13:35 Valerie Backus: Regardless of the outcome, this was a great experience. So many good conversations to improve our practice of preparing students. We have to have hard conversations to make real difference. I appreciate all of you doing tremendous work in the IE. Raising the boat for your area raises the boat for all of us, so let’s keep rowing together!
00:15:56 Hend Gilli-Elewy: Thank you all, this is a great collaborative, doing very important work. I appreciate the opportunity to part of these conversations and collaborate with all. Thank you also to the organizers and facilitators for your incredible work moving this forward.
00:16:11 Michael Wangler: The IE K-16 Regional Collaborative will develop and strengthen 10 robust career pathway programs to fill immediate and emerging needs in the education, healthcare, engineering/computing, and business sectors in the Inland Empire. Building on Growing Inland Achievement (GIA)’s collective impact work, this project will deploy a regional framework that incorporates educational, community, workforce, and employer engagement to support equitable educational and economic opportunities for students.
00:16:25 Stephani Congdon: Wow good job
00:16:30 Stephanie Murillo: That is a HUGE difference!!!! Crazy!
00:16:37 Steven Moore: Thanks much for your hard work.
00:16:39 Ann Marie Sakrekoff: The 5,000 word summary that everyone worked so hard on was included as an “introduction”
00:19:29 Hillary Wolfe: Nice opening!
00:19:44 Dean Gerstein: Was this for phase 1 or phase 2?
00:20:10 Ann Marie Sakrekoff: Phase 1
00:21:55 Dean Gerstein: Any clue whether others (besides Fresno) applied for phase 1? If not approved, would they likely convert to a phase 2?
00:23:25 Becky Sumbera: Thanks everyone!
00:24:04 Michael Wiafe: Thanks everyone! Excited to see you again in a few weeks.
00:24:08 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Thanks for all your hard work everyone
00:24:13 Steven Moore: Thanks!
00:24:14 Graciela Moran: Thank you!
00:24:15 Stephani Congdon: Thank you!!
00:24:20 Ray Cuellar: Thank you all!
00:24:23 Wayne Fletcher: Thanks for your work
00:24:28 Vicki Brannock: Thank you!
00:24:34 Susanne Mata: Thank you! Good job everyone
00:24:35 Stephanie Murillo: Really well done. Looking forward to more work with this group!
00:24:40 Hillary Wolfe: Thank you!
00:24:41 Rose Gonzalez: Thank you!

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