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00:13:44 Michael Wiafe: I would like to note than Jennifer coined the term “dream team k-16” I love it. Good morning folks!
00:14:22 Dean Gerstein: Good morning all!
00:16:28 JACQUELINE MELENDEZ: Good morning! Nice slide deck, Carlos!
00:17:27 Laurie Schoelkopf:
00:18:31 Hend Gilli-Elewy: @Laurie, the link is not working for me
00:18:37 Stephanie Murillo: The link didn’t work for me. Are others having the same issue?
00:18:53 Dean Gerstein: Yes. requires an earlier registraton
00:18:54 Maral Hernandez: same. it’s not working.
00:18:59 Becky Sumbera: Same here
00:19:16 James Spee: Sharepoint does not play well with accents outside the organization creating it.
00:19:32 Michael Wangler: Try this:
00:19:50 James Spee: That worked!
00:19:51 Becky Sumbera: That wored
00:19:54 Stephanie Murillo: That one worked. Thank you, Michael
00:20:47 James Spee: What is the status of the Steering Committee?
00:21:13 Laurie Schoelkopf: Agenda and discussion questions for breakout rooms:
00:21:47 Stephani Congdon: Just make sure the pathways are all inclusive
00:25:08 Dean Gerstein: So there are pathways that one can directly name in the proposal, for example some articulation agreements from cc to 4-year, but others may be formed on similar models. essentially TBD in the proposal?.
00:26:40 Beth Higbee: Yes, some will be partially formed already, and others will be fully formed. There might be some that are starting absolutely new, but in most spaces there are already multiple efforts underway.
00:29:53 Stephani Congdon: Totally agree with sbccd
00:30:50 Stephanie Murillo: Where is the agenda?
00:31:13 Laurie Schoelkopf:
01:08:01 Stephani Congdon: Welcome
01:09:20 Dean Gerstein: 2 points: (1) pathways should be cast as directed networks rather than pipelines, because students shift their goals and interests as they learn more about their possibilities; and it should conceived as K=16+ , because a strong modern workforce needs a lot of people with graduate training (credentials, degrees, continuing ed) too
01:09:25 Hend Gilli-Elewy: Thank you!
01:09:56 Ida Hermosillo,GIA: Happy Friday!
01:09:57 Nicole Vega: Thank you!

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