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Mike Goss Regional Pathways Data

Michael Wiafe RWE Briefing

Jackie Melendez Pathways, Sectors, and Clusters

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Chat Transcript

00:13:31 James Spee: Hola! Buenos Dias!
00:13:33 Beth Higbee: Good Morning, Everyone! Great to see you!
00:14:36 Michael Wangler:
00:15:00 Chinaka DomNwachukwu: Chinaka DomNwachukwu, CSUSB. Good morning everyone.
00:20:56 James Spee:
00:20:56 Ida Hermosillo,GIA:
00:25:30 Stephani Congdon: Unfortunately I I have to leave early for an IE autism and other intellectual abilities mtg
Let’s make such we are all inclusive
Even other educational institutions such as private and charter schools
00:26:21 carlos ayala: We hear you Stephani.
00:28:19 James Spee: The RFP mentions only 2 pathways for Phase 1
00:30:01 carlos ayala: We are asking more about that James.
00:34:48 Rose Gonzalez – SBCUSD: In the K-12 space, the California Department of Education has recognized 15 industry sectors. Each industry sector is made up of specific pathways.
00:38:46 Becky Sumbera, CSUSB: Thank you!
00:38:50 James Spee: We need a venn diagram that shows how these overlap.
00:39:01 Michael Wiafe: Awesome Jackie!
00:39:03 Ida Hermosillo,GIA: Excellent crash course. Thank you!
00:39:19 Conrad Shayo: Thank you.
00:42:11 Rose Gonzalez – SBCUSD: Thank you!
00:42:12 Michael Goss: Inland Empire/Desert Sector Report:
00:42:56 Mara Montelongo: Thank you Jacqueline! Great presentation!
00:46:45 JACQUELINE MELENDEZ: Jackie Melendez | IEGO | cell – 909-268-2967 | [email protected]
00:47:12 Becky Sumbera, CSUSB: Thank you!
00:47:31 Beth Higbee: Great job, Jackie!
00:48:33 James Spee: Is any one from Loma Linda University in this group?
00:49:16 Ida Hermosillo,GIA: Invitations to LLU and their San Manuel Gateway College (Allied Health Sciences) have been extended.
00:49:22 carlos ayala: There has been no sure if they are here today.
00:49:39 James Spee: They see crucial for the health sector conversation.
00:49:43 James Spee: seem
00:50:27 Sastry Pantula (CSUSB/He, His, Him): CSUSB has an excellent nursing, health science and other programs and is working on a physician assistant program currently.
00:51:19 James Spee: Redlands has a pre-med major, but needs to do more.
00:51:53 Dean Gerstein: Western UHS is in LA County, but most of its students are IE. May also be true of CGU and KGI. All train a lot of mid-level health care workers
00:52:25 Sastry Pantula (CSUSB/He, His, Him): CSUSB also has a large pre-med program that leads to medical, dental, pharma, OT and other programs, and just signed also a partnership with UCR med school for a grant proposal.
00:52:44 Cynthia L Escartin: ACI Learning has accelerated virtual CUSS Programs, and other IT/cyber related programs
00:52:57 Cynthia L Escartin: All of which have ACE recommended college credit
00:53:06 Louie Rodriguez: Michael, this is really helpful. Thank you.
00:53:27 Sorrel Stielstra: Love that resource, Michael!
00:53:41 Michael Wiafe: This is awesome
00:53:44 JACQUELINE MELENDEZ: Thank you everyone. I am very fortunate to serve this region alongside each of you.
00:53:49 Jennifer O’Farrell (She/Hers) Big Brothers Big Sisters: That’s great!
00:53:50 JACQUELINE MELENDEZ: I love this map!!!
00:54:03 Ida Hermosillo,GIA: Inland Empire/Desert Sector Report:
00:54:15 James Spee: Big difference between Health Sector and the other 3. 18000 jobs!!!
00:54:16 Avila Avila: Nothing in the arts and media? Alex Avila
00:54:29 Avila Avila: Overall great presentation. Alex Avila
00:54:39 Wayne Fletcher: CBU has BSN, MSN, Nurse Practitioner, DNP, PA, SLP, Athletic Training, Rad Tech, PT Assistant and all of the pre-med/pharm/dental etc.
00:54:41 James Spee: Alex, they are not in the RFP.
00:54:47 Becky Sumbera, CSUSB: Thank you Alex!
00:57:00 JACQUELINE MELENDEZ: Posting the report for Michael.
00:57:58 Michael Goss: Career Education Map:
00:58:08 carlos ayala: Thank you Michael
00:59:53 carlos ayala: Amazing pathways through out the county. Check out the data from Mr. Goss report. Almost all K-12 have great programs with Community Colleges. We are building from our strengths.
01:00:32 Avila Avila: Carlos you have done a great job facilitating. Brilliant leadership, seamless. Great job Jackie, you knocked it out the park. Alex Avila
01:00:58 James Spee: When you add the high school pathways, the geography gets tougher. CC programs are not always close to the HS programs.
01:02:01 JACQUELINE MELENDEZ: Thank you, Alex!!!
01:02:33 carlos ayala: That is right James. Districts nested in districts.
01:02:33 JACQUELINE MELENDEZ: I have to jump off for my next meeting. 🌟
01:02:42 carlos ayala: Thank yo Jackie
01:02:47 carlos ayala: you
01:04:10 Becky Sumbera, CSUSB: Can we please get all the presentations sent to us?
01:04:23 Becky Sumbera, CSUSB: I look of great information.
01:04:26 carlos ayala: Yes. We add them to the GIA website
01:06:30 Becky Sumbera, CSUSB: Thank you!!
01:06:32 Avila Avila: The cost of college has gone up over 600% since the Obama era. With inflation and campus expansion how in the world are we supposed to reduce the cost? Alex A
01:06:40 James Spee: We have talked about all of these issues in our working groups. A shared outcome data site would be a great achievement.
01:07:33 Avila Avila: I agree with James. Alex Avila
01:07:54 James Spee: I would like to overcome the barriers to enrolling in higher education in the first place.
01:07:59 Michael Wiafe:
01:08:09 Avila Avila: Excellent work Wiafe. Alex Avila
01:08:09 Michael Wiafe: Recovery with equity site
01:08:18 Rose Gonzalez – SBCUSD: Thank you!
01:08:23 Michael Wiafe: Thanks Alex! Thank you all
01:08:28 Louie Rodriguez: Thank you
01:08:30 Hend Gilli-Elewy: Thank you Carlos and all presenters!
01:08:35 James Spee: Thanks!
01:08:36 Becky Sumbera, CSUSB: Have a great weekend!!

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