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Meeting Agenda
Chat Transcript

00:13:23 Diana Fox: wonderful to see everyone.
00:13:28 Jennifer Darbee: Happy Friday Everyone! Jennifer Darbee-CIE Navigator with Inland SoCal 211+, [email protected]
00:13:29 Nicole Hence, GIA: Agenda: 
00:13:36 Debra Mustain: Morning! Debra Mustain, RCCD.
00:13:39 Susan Gomez: Buenos Dias! Suzie Gomez, IE Children’s Cabinet, IECC
00:13:42 Terrance Stone: Good morning
00:13:51 Jay Varzandeh: Happy Friday everyone.
00:14:04 Maral Hernandez: good morning! Maral Hernandez, CSUSB
00:14:11 Mike Goss: Michael Goss, Inland Empire/Desert Centers of Excellence
00:14:21 Theresa Fowler: Good Morning everyone. Theresa Fowler, RCOE
00:14:34 Wayne Fletcher: Wayne Fletcher, California Baptist University
00:14:55 Renay Mehta: Good Morning, Renay S. Mehta, Director of Workforce Development, Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce
00:15:00 Nicole Hence, GIA:
00:15:04 Karen Suarez: Good morning, happy FriYAY! Karen Suarez, Director, Uplift San Bernardino, Making Hope Happen Foundation
00:16:33 Nicole Hence, GIA: Agenda: 
00:16:54 James Spee: Good morning! James Spee, University of Redlands and ONE i/e
00:22:23 Jackie Melendez: Hello everyone! Jackie Melendez | IEGO | [email protected] | cell – 909-268-2967
00:24:39 James Spee: Another issue is that high school pathways do not always connect at the community college closest to them.
00:25:02 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: @James, Agreed!
00:25:08 Rose Gonzalez: We can leverage resources
00:25:30 Ida Hermosillo, GIA: Part of the group work today will ask you to share on barriers. James, please make sure to include your thoughts in that section. Great point!
00:51:00 Wayne Fletcher: Our jam boards were view only.
00:51:17 Michael Wiafe: Wayne, which group were you in?
00:52:40 Rose Gonzalez: Are the jamboard links for each meeting stored somewhere we can access?
00:53:13 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: @Rose, great question. I was wondering that too
00:54:23 Carlos Ayala: We will post the information on the GIA K-16 collaborative website.
00:55:29 Rose Gonzalez: Thank you. 😀
00:55:31 Laurie Schoelkopf: Yes, Jamboards will remain available and open for people to continue adding.
01:01:09 Marie Perotti: Logging off for another meeting – thank you!
01:01:11 Michael Wiafe: California’s Cradle to Career Data System is aimed to help with that kind of alignment! I love that discussion.
01:04:11 Rose Gonzalez: One critical factor for this type of work will be for us to develop a common language around pathways. What is a “pathway” in the context of this work? Each level has a different definition. We may be all talking about “pathways” but we’re meaning different things when we say “pathway.”
01:05:43 Conrad Shayo: Rose, I agree with you completely.
01:06:53 Rose Gonzalez: Thank you
01:06:57 Avila Avila: great job

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