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In response to ongoing childcare access and affordability challenges nationwide, states are taking innovative approaches to address the problem. Following the end of federal relief efforts totaling $52.5 billion, many states are stepping in with their own initiatives to support families and providers. This includes support for currently enrolled students who benefit from childcare programs and support to pursue their education.

States like New Mexico are leveraging petroleum revenue, while Washington state implemented a tax on investment profits to fund expanded preschool and early education programs. Kentucky is even incentivizing parents to join the childcare workforce. Additionally, many states have expanded free preschool and early education programs, making child care more accessible and affordable for families.

Amid ongoing challenges with state revenues, Governor Gavin Newsom reaffirmed his commitment to safeguard education funding and key initiatives for TK-12 schools. During a recent news conference on budget revisions, Newsom emphasized the importance of preserving progress in community schools, preschool, after-school programs, and summer school. Despite uncertainties, TK-12 advocates expressed relief at Newsom’s commitment to protecting education funding and initiatives.

The state’s fiscal outlook remains uncertain due to volatile revenue fluctuations tied to top earners’ incomes. Capital gains tax receipts surged to three hundred forty nine billion in 2021-22 but dropped to one hundred thirty seven billion in 2023-24. This projected shortfall could lead to additional cuts in other state operations.

While Newsom assured continued support for K-12 education, the higher education sector, particularly the CSU system, faces uncertainty. Stay tuned for future updates as this story continues to unfold. CSU officials expressed concern over a revised budget that offers no increase next year and only a 2% increase in 2025-26, rather than the promised 10% over two years.

The Anaheim Union High School District, which previously issued the highest number of layoff notices to teachers in the state, has reversed its decision. Initially, 119 teachers were slated for termination due to declining enrollment. However, Superintendent Michael Matsuda and Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association President Geoff Morganstern announced last week that all layoffs have been canceled. 

The decision by the school board to reverse its position follows a decline of more than 3,500 students since the academic year of 2017-2018. This figure is equivalent to the combined enrollment capacity of both a high school and a junior high school. Other school districts across the southland have also reversed or are considering reversing their decisions on layoffs citing changes to initial financial projections.

CSUSB alumna, Abi Carter has been crowned the next ‘American Idol’!

Graduating summa cum laude from CSUSB with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Abi’s success on ‘American Idol’ highlights her dedication beyond academic achievements. From her early years in the Coachella Valley to captivating national audiences, Abi’s story resonates with resilience and passion, inspiring viewers across the country. Congratulations Abi Carter on becoming the American Idol season 22 champion!

And that’s this week’s GIA Education Report, I’m Alyssa Silva.

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