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On December 2, 2020, Growing Inland Achievement and Collective Impact Forum hosted a training session on Ecocycle Mapping. The concept of an ecocycle draws on biological research into the closed-loop system of development, conservation, destruction, and renewal seen in natural (ecological) systems. The ecocycle suggests that the long-term sustainability of adaptive organizations and initiatives requires that elements of those organizations undergo systematic processes of destruction and renewal.

Participants explored the process of plotting an organization’s various programs, initiatives, and efforts onto the ecocycle framework to visualize how resources and energy are distributed across different phases of the ecocycle. The concept has proven to be valuable for those managing a broad portfolio of programs and overseeing complex initiatives such as collective impact work.

For those unable to attend, or seeking a refresher on the workshop content, you may find the Zoom recording of the meeting and supplemental documents linked below.

Zoom Recording

Watch the recording of the Ecocycle Mapping Workshop.

Meeting Documents

View the presentation slide deck and workshop handout.

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