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00:13:14 Jake Poore, GIA, He/Him: Good morning. Here is the meeting agenda for today:
00:30:44 Alex Avila: yes
00:33:26 Dean Gerstein: From the website FAQs: Can a partner be involved in more than one collaborative and/or more than one proposal?

Yes. However, a partner can be a lead agency for only one proposal.
Is there a limit on the number of collaboratives an institution can participate in?

No. However, institutions should consider their logical service area, their capacity, and the overall goals of this program when determining how many collaboratives to participate in.
Could a UC campus participate in more than one application?

Yes. However, a UC campus can be a lead agency for only one proposal.
00:34:10 James Spee: I agree with Summer and Alex.
00:35:44 Stephanie Murillo, K14 TAP: Thank you for being up front about the situation and giving space for us to comment
00:38:59 James Spee: Here is our document:
00:39:08 James Spee: for the business pathway.
00:39:18 Valerie Backus: Thanks @James
00:39:53 Michael Wiafe: Wow. Nice!!
00:42:52 Dean Gerstein: An old friend used to refer to our fair state as the United Counties of California. Creating as an overlay the Various Regions of California is not an easy summit.
00:43:10 Michael Wiafe: I love that analogy
01:07:23 Valerie Backus: Will you post this meeting as well at: ?
01:07:26 Becky Sumbera: Thank you!
01:07:49 Becky Sumbera: I lot of collaboration needed and I believe this group can do it.
01:09:00 Beth Higbee: Becky Sumbera and Louie Rodriguez rocked our world interms of Education!
01:10:08 James Spee: Our letter is with the president of UOR.
01:10:25 Ida Hermosillo, GIA: Thank you everyone! Happy Friday.
01:10:40 Ray Cuellar: Thank you GIA for your support and leadership!

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