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00:13:39 Alan Braggins: Happy Friday! Alan Braggins, Project Director IEDRC SWP P49, SBCCD EDCT
00:13:43 Michael Wiafe:
00:13:52 Becky Sumbera: Happy Friday Everyone!
00:18:12 Terrance Stone: good morning
00:18:51 Terrance Stone: Terrance Stone, CEO Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy
00:19:48 James Spee: James Spee, University of Redlands and ONE i/e
00:20:19 Dean Gerstein: Dean Gerstein, Pomona College
00:21:29 Stephani Congdon: Stephani Congdon Childrens cabinet, learn4life and Autism Society
00:21:54 James Moses: James Moses, Child Care Resource Center, Regional Director
00:22:14 Susan Gomez: Good morning! Suzie Gómez IECC & IE Children’s Cabinet
00:26:19 Renay Mehta: Good Morning! Renay Mehta from Chino Valley Chamber. Can you please email the information shared today.
00:26:26 Dr. Shellie Dansby Saucier: Happy Friday All! Dr. Shellie Dansby WIOA Administrator Learn4Life Network of Public Charter Schools [email protected] 760-927-0838 cell
00:27:08 Kimberly McNulty: Kim McNulty, VP Regional Strategy, OneFuture Coachella Valley
00:29:55 Stephanie Houston: Stephanie Houston, SBCSS Asst. Supt. and San Bernardino Community College District Trustee
00:30:17 Deirdre Lanesskog: Deirdre Lanesskog, CSUSB Palm Desert Campus
00:32:05 Sandy Mortensen: Good morning, Sandy Mortensen Colton Redlands Yucaipa ROP, Director of Student Services
00:32:48 Mariann Johnson, SBCounty Workforce Development: Good morning-Mariann Johnson, San Bernardino County Workforce Development
00:32:56 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: How do you see this funding being tied together with the two grants that the County workforce are working on? Maybe it makes sense for there to be a common steering committee for the region for all three of the grants since they are so similar.
00:35:38 Deanna Krehbiel: That’s an interesting point Lisa. We need to ensure we are not duplicating efforts and overburdening our institutions. We have to use the funds wisely and increase the capacity and build more infrastructure, ie.: faculty, space, etc…
00:36:21 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Yes
00:36:47 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Thanks Mariannn, thjose were the two I was referring to
01:07:32 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: What is the link to the IEGO Meeting?
01:08:20 James Spee: I think you have to register, Lisa
01:08:32 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Can you send me the info
01:09:13 Michael Wiafe:
01:09:26 Rose Gonzalez – SBCUSD: How do I go about getting on the Pathway Committees for all of the Pathways that had breakout rooms?
01:09:33 Christian Mackey: Thanks Everyone – i have to bounce to a PTC
01:09:42 Michael Wangler: Sorry for our late return to the main room. We had a great conversation about Cybersecurity and Computer Science in our breakout.
01:09:53 James Spee: See you soon!
01:09:53 Rose Gonzalez – SBCUSD: Perfect! Thank you!
01:09:54 Hend Gilli-Elewy: Thank you!
01:10:01 Diana Camilo: Thank you!

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