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00:20:04 James Spee, Univ of Redlands and ONE i/e: James Spee, University of Redlands and ONE i/e. Great to see you all today.
00:20:34 Susanne Mata: Susanne Mata, Industry Sector Manager ICT & Digital Media Sector, Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortia
00:20:36 Beth Higbee: Good Morning, Everyone! Great to see you!
00:21:01 Ray Cuellar: Good morning, All!
00:21:18 Jennifer Darbee: Happy Friday everyone! Jennifer Darbee – Community Information Exchange Navigator with Inland SoCal 211+ [email protected]
00:21:33 Alan Braggins: Alan Braggins, Interim Director, Workforce Development – Innovation and Automation ([email protected])
00:21:39 Beth Allan-Bentley: Beth Bentley, College of the Desert, Business Faculty
00:22:35 Felix Marhuenda: Doug Benoit; Dean for Applied Sciences and Business sitting in for Felix.
00:22:41 Michael Wiafe: Good Morning! Michael Wiafe, IECF Policy Analyst and UCB Masters of Public Policy student.
00:23:12 Wayne Fletcher: Wayne Fletcher, Assoc Provost, California Baptist University
00:23:19 Michael Wiafe:
00:23:32 Michael Wiafe: ^ Recovery with Equity webiste
00:23:34 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Good Morning and Happy Friday!! Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy, Regional Director, Business & Entrepreneurship, Inland Empire/Desert Region [email protected]
00:23:43 Ruben Gonzales: Good morning Ruben Gonzales Reach Out – Inland Health Professions Coalition
00:23:49 Rosalinda Rivas: @Michael – Thank you for the link
00:23:50 Jennifer O’Farrell: Happy Friday. Jennifer O’Farrell, ED, Big Brothers Big Sisters
00:23:59 Joseph Williams: Joseph Williams, Community Agent Strategic Partnerships, Rialto USD [email protected]
00:24:09 Nikki Cook: Good morning all, Nikki Cook, Employment Placement Coordinator @ Moreno Valley College
00:24:43 Jake Poore: Recovery with equity report:
00:25:58 Renay Mehta: Happy Friday! Renay Mehta from Chino Valley Chamber. Please contact me at [email protected]
00:26:03 Susan Gomez: Buenos dias! Suzie Gomez, IECC & IE Children’s Cabinet. [email protected]
00:26:11 Carol Tsushima: Happy Friday – Carol Tsushima, Administrator Alliance for Education/ROP, SBCSS
00:27:06 Ray Cuellar: So Participant MOU/Agreements will be directly with GIA?
00:27:10 Graciela Moran: Good morning! Graciela Moran, External Affairs Officer at Caravanserai Project; [email protected]
00:27:18 Dina Walker: Dina Walker, President & CEO BLU Educational Foundation, [email protected]
00:28:44 Alex Avila: can creatives and art be it’s own category since it’s the fastest growing industry in our country? i see we have engineering
00:30:35 Theresa Fowler: Where do the County Offices of Ed fit into this?
00:30:50 Wayne Fletcher: Will there be a private university on the Steering Committee?
00:31:14 James Spee, Univ of Redlands and ONE i/e: My question, too, @Wayne.
00:32:00 James Spee, Univ of Redlands and ONE i/e: Looks like we could be represented by being pathway chairs.
00:32:31 Aileen Dinkjian: Good morning everyone – Aileen Dinkjian from the University of La Verne [email protected]
00:32:59 Stephani Congdon: Let’s not forget Organizations like the autism society that works in both counties
00:33:47 Michael Wiafe: I think that is a real question to be raised, I think there should be a space for private institutions
00:33:49 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Chris Mackey is in the waiting room waiting to be let in
00:35:56 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Please check the waiting room
00:36:08 Michael Wiafe: Thank you Lisa
00:36:45 Michael Wiafe: I will alert the hosts
00:37:27 Aileen Dinkjian: @Michael, yes, we would like to know what space private institutions have in the steering committee given we do serve the same community/region and support K-16 pathways of all students.
00:38:00 Stephani Congdon: And what about the thousands served by opportunity and charters.
00:38:44 Joseph Williams: Who can make nominations?
00:38:54 Michael Wiafe: Anyone can make nominations
00:40:02 Stephani Congdon: I would like the list
00:40:26 Becky Sumbera: I believe all at large representatives will include the voices of all willing partners in an equitable manner.
00:40:48 Becky Sumbera: Maybe through sub-committees
00:41:23 Stephani Congdon: Agree
00:42:15 Stephani Congdon: And Cambridge
00:42:39 Rosalinda Rivas, MVC: @Carlos,would you be so kind to send me the list as well. [email protected]
00:43:27 Joseph Williams: Consider increasing the number of students to three one from k12, one from the community college and one from the University.
00:43:41 Dina Walker: @Carlos, Can you please send me the list as well. -Dina
00:44:16 Stephani Congdon: Support James comments
00:45:14 Stacey Syrocki: I also support the recommendation for Private college/University representation on this endeavor!
00:46:28 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Absolutely should add private
00:46:30 Stephani Congdon: Support
00:46:37 Susan Gomez: I wholeheartedly agree it should be both private/nonprofit
00:46:47 Damien O’Farrell: I support the addition of at least 1 elected private institution representative.
00:47:31 Rosalinda Rivas, MVC: I support it — We should have their voice heard and included
00:47:33 Wayne Fletcher: I think it makes sense. Privates educate about 20% of the 4-year students (UC 27% and CSU 53%)
00:47:42 Theresa Fowler: @ agree with Damien
00:48:03 Stephani Congdon: Csusb. U have to share
00:48:40 Joseph Williams: Will there be a focus on sustainability for this collaborative or is this the only funding opportunity that will be considered?
00:49:31 Summer Steele: Agreed!
00:49:32 Graciela Moran: Yes I agree Alex!
00:49:37 Joseph Williams: Thank you Alex
00:49:40 Damien O’Farrell: +1 Alex.
00:49:41 Ray Cuellar: 100% Alex!
00:49:48 Maral Hernandez: *agree with joseph comment to increase student rep, but include 1 uc 1 csu students. instead of just one from university.
00:50:19 Susan Gomez: Helps build infrastructure! +Alex!
00:50:20 Carol Tsushima: Amen Alex!
00:50:21 Summer Steele: Fantastic!
00:50:24 Damien O’Farrell: not jut a funnel for the money, but a magnet!
00:50:26 Becky Sumbera: Well said Alex
00:50:31 Stephani Congdon: Truth Alex but privates and charters need a voice
00:50:37 Jennifer O’Farrell: Yes!
00:51:38 Stephani Congdon: Yes they will
00:51:51 Michael Wiafe: I like your idea Joseph with students, I would love to balance that with a student advisory committee to make sure we have much more voices involved than the 3 you proposed. As for sustainability, I developed 8 criteria that we can use to prioritize to develop pathways and one of those is economic mobility/sustainability
00:52:06 Damien O’Farrell: Even if the money can not invested in private schools, they can still be a part of the conversation about how the money can be best used and remain a part of the conversation to know how to align efforts accordingly.
00:52:16 Michael Wiafe: Agreed Damien.
00:52:33 Jake Poore: Here is a list of folks who have registered for at least one of the weekly K-16 conversations:
00:52:43 Joseph Williams: Thank you @Michael
00:52:55 Stephani Congdon: There are public charters
00:53:11 Carol Tsushima: All efforts of this collaborative should/will benefit the region as a whole, therefor as many voices from our region is required.
00:53:34 Stephani Congdon: Thank you
00:53:46 Michael Wiafe: 8 Criteria (draft) are : Effectiveness, Accessibility, equity, implementation feasibility, Economic flexibility/sustainability, Economic mobility, Recovery with Equity levers and Geo-political feasibility
00:54:07 Chris Mackey: There seems like a great opportunity to create an ecosystem that elevates post-secondary education in the minds of the people we serve. Whether that directly benefits privates in the short term, the learnings and cultivation of possibility that come from participation in the grant formulation and execution will benefit all over time.
00:55:38 Becky Sumbera: @ Carlos, yes, a structure of collaboration to assist the IE will bring success and future funds
00:55:53 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: @ Carlos…YES!!!
00:56:11 James Spee, Univ of Redlands and ONE i/e: Don’t make it a zero sum game,, please.
00:56:14 Chris Mackey: Totally agree -= we will learn so much together
00:57:36 Michael Wiafe: I am really glad that everyone is engaging in this conversation
00:58:20 Alan Braggins: I think Private should be Private Non-Profit
00:59:22 Becky Sumbera: Should we put it in chat
00:59:29 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: 4
00:59:34 Ray Cuellar: 4
00:59:35 Becky Sumbera: 5
00:59:36 Ruben Gonzales: 4
00:59:36 Rosalinda Rivas, MVC: 4
00:59:38 Erin Brinker: 4
00:59:39 Stacey Syrocki: 4
00:59:39 Alan Braggins: 4
00:59:41 Carol Tsushima: 5
00:59:41 Jennifer O’Farrell: 4
00:59:42 Hend Gilli-Elewy: 4
00:59:43 Karen Goss: 5
00:59:50 Rachel Weiss: 5
00:59:51 Theresa Fowler: 4
00:59:51 Dina Walker: 4
00:59:53 Joseph Williams: 4
00:59:53 Susan Gomez: 4
00:59:55 Chris Mackey: 4
00:59:59 Gustavo Oceguera: 4
01:00:03 Stephani Congdon: Mostly. 3
01:00:14 Lorena Corona: 5
01:01:06 Theresa Fowler: Yes more students- I agree
01:01:10 Jennifer O’Farrell: Agreed – more students
01:01:13 Alan Braggins: Again, I believe Private should be Private Non-Profit
01:01:14 Becky Sumbera: I think we talked about students last meeting. It would be a sub-group
01:01:15 Lisa Kiplinger Kennedy: Yes, 3 students would be good.
01:01:25 Aileen Dinkjian: Yes, agreed to that Beth.
01:01:30 Susanne Mata: Agree, student voices would be good
01:01:31 Ray Cuellar: Love that idea Beth!
01:01:54 Becky Sumbera: I link that idea Beth
01:01:57 Graciela Moran: Perfect! Thank you for the support
01:02:28 Alex Avila: 👏 congratulations
01:02:42 Graciela Moran: I second
01:03:35 Stephani Congdon: Be as inclusive as possible
01:03:46 Carol Tsushima: There are existing student advisories that I’m sure we can leverage instead of recreating new. SBCSS has a county-wide student advisory group that represents multiple districts/areas.
01:03:48 Michael Wiafe: Student government external affairs folks will be the ones 🙂 I can help out with finding the best folks to bring in
01:04:10 Dina Walker: In agreement with adding a Student Advisory Board. Especially when implementation begins.
01:04:16 Graciela Moran: Likewise here with Michael! 🙂
01:04:53 Michael Wiafe: Students should be ingrained throughout the entire structure, workgroups and all.
01:07:02 Stephani Congdon: 3
01:07:25 Michael Wiafe:
01:07:34 Susanne Mata: I am hosting a 10 am so have to leave. Keep me posted on how I can assist. Thanks. [email protected]
01:07:45 Julian Cuevas: Can we build a safe space for those who may be a 1 or 2 to follow up if they’re not comfortable being put on the spot?
01:12:03 Jackie Melendez: I have tojump off. If you are interested in CERF, please register for the Inland Empire Info Session here:
01:12:15 Jackie Melendez: March 18 at 10 a.m. 🙂

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